Rock Art Documentary Paintings

Stephen has for the past 30 years devoted his life to art and in particular, to the meticulous documentation and preservation of South Africa’s rock art heritage. His millimetre accurate, life size recordings are painstakingly rendered with natural pigments and materials collected in the field.  His paintings reveal a wealth of detail and imagery that is sometimes faded and not clearly visible to the untrained eye.   Stephen will record a particular rock art panel only once. This ensures that not only do each of his artworks stand as a unique and accurate record of a threatened and irreplaceable art legacy, but also, that each work holds an intrinsic and escalating monetary value. His works presently hang in corporate and private collections around the world.

Stephen’s documentary paintings are presently being digitised and with appropriate funding will in the near future be made available as an archive via major institutions to rock art scholars and the public alike.  This will be of great benefit to both current and future generations who may not have the privilege of seeing rock art first hand due to on-going weathering or damage to the paintings by animals and people.